How to Organize Your Bathroom

Is your bathroom a place where you feel scattered, suffocated and can’t wait to leave? Or is it a room where you can recharge, relax and get started on the right foot?

If you want to achieve the latter, this guide can show you how. In two easy steps, you’ll be able to decide what items should stay and what should go and the tools you need to organize what’s left.

How to Organize Your Bathroom

Step one: Get rid of the clutter

Before you begin organizing your bathroom, you have to get rid of the unnecessary items. We suggest taking everything out of the room, so you can clearly see how much stuff you have. Then, it’s time to ask yourself: What can go?

Expired products

Start with the easiest items first: the products that have expired. It’s finally time to throw out that face cream from three years ago, the makeup from your college days or the prescription from last year’s surgery. If you’re unsure of whether something has reached its passed due date, we suggest just letting it go. There is nothing worth keeping if it could damage your health (or cause a breakout).

Doubled items

Get rid of any doubles, especially if one of the items is half-used or almost gone. If you have two of the same product and they’ve both been used, you can pour the remainder of one product into the other.

Unused items

Throw away (or even better—give away) anything that hasn’t been used in the last six months, or if you never plan to use it in the future. Sometimes, you may make an impulse purchase and later feel guilty for throwing it out. Don’t! It’s just taking up space in your bathroom.

Stained, torn or smelly towels

Now, go through your towels and linens that are kept in the bathroom. If anything is stained, torn or just smells “off,” it’s time to retire it to your rags closet. If you have any children’s towels your kids no longer use, consider moving those to the rag pile, too.

Step two: Organize what stays

After you declutter the bathroom and give it a good clean, it’s time to organize what’s left. You can simplify this process by breaking your bathroom down into three key areas or zones. Then, keep relevant items within its respective zone to give each product or item a home and provide easy access.

Zone One: Shower and bathtub

For obvious reasons, you’ll want to keep your shampoos, body wash, soap and other cleaning items inside the shower and bathtub area. We suggest sticking to one or two types of shampoos and/or conditioners, as well as one or two type of body cleansers.

Restricting the amount of products in your bath or shower will help eliminate unneeded clutter, keep your space feeling airy, and force you to use up products before moving on to the next. To keep these items organized, we suggest storing them in a shower caddy or corner shelf. You could also use command hooks for loofahs and washcloths.

Zone Two: Over the toilet

The space over your toilet tends to be one of the most under-utilized spaces in a bathroom. You can take advantage of the extra space by investing in a over the toilet cabinet or shelf. And it’s the perfect place to store extra toilet paper, feminine products, towels, washcloths or light reading materials.

Zone Three: Vanity and sink

This is the space where a lot of items have to live, so organizing tools and tricks are key. We suggest using mason jars as organizers or other decorative cups to store the items you use daily, like toothbrushes, cotton balls or q-tips. For other items that you may only use once in awhile, consider storing them in a medicine cabinet or under the sink.

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