How to Store Small Appliances [4 Steps]

Store Small Appliances and Declutter Your Kitchen

How to Store Small Appliances

Having a clutter-free, well organized kitchen is one of the best feelings in the world—especially when it’s time to entertain guests for the holidays.

The biggest issue is finding space for all of your small appliances. You may consider putting all of them away, but then you’re left with crowded cabinets. This makes retrieving your most used items a bigger hassle than leaving it cluttered in the first place.

That’s why we put together four easy steps to organizing and storing your small appliances. While they may come off as easy, their simplicity is what makes this process easier than the rest.

  1. Clear out the cabinets and sort by use
    Before you can do any sort of organizing, you’ll have to take everything out of its place. We recommend sorting items by how often you use them and not by their location. So instead of sorting things by where they live, categorize your appliances by their level of importance.For example, you could use these three categories: everyday use (toaster, microwave, coffee maker), once in awhile (food processor, blender or stand mixer) and seasonally (like the cookie cutters, ice cream maker, etc.). This step will help you identify what you need close access to, what can be stored away, and what you should get rid of entirely.
  2. Give away what you don’t need
    Once you have your piles for each category, it’s time to decide what you want to keep. Have you acquired two toasters over the years? Or maybe you own two types of food processors? Whatever the case, it’s the season for giving—and your doubled appliances could make someone’s holiday.This is also a good time to get rid of broken items you’ve kept over the years. Maybe you have an old blender that’s missing some of its parts, or you own a coffee maker that brews awful coffee. Whatever the case, it’s time to throw out the old and make space for what you really value. 
  3. Use kitchen hacks to stash necessities
    If you imagine your new clutter-free kitchen with completely empty counter space, it may be time to enlist a few kitchen hacks. Things like a mobile island, appliance garage or shelf organizers can help declutter your kitchen (and keep things off the counter).

    Mobile Island

    If your appliances have outgrown your cabinet space, it may be time to use a mobile work space. It’s a far more affordable solution than adding cabinets or an island. And you can find beautiful pieces like a butcher block, kitchen cart or stainless steel work table that accommodates your things and fits your style.

    Appliance Garage

    An appliance garage is a cabinet you dedicate to housing all of your small appliances. If your kitchen doesn’t have one, you can ask a contractor to build one, or you can DIY the project and add to an existing cabinet.

    Shelf organizers

    The cheapest option for hacking your kitchen is using shelf organizers, which are easy to find at most home good stores. Depending on what you need, you could use stacking shelves, undershelf baskets or turntables to make more space in your cabinets.

  4. Store the rest away
    For the items you don’t need to store in your kitchen—but would still like to keep—consider relocating them to your storage unit. You know what we’re talking about here: the bread maker, tortilla press or any of your as-seen-on-TV appliances. If you think there’s a chance you may use it someday, you don’t need to say goodbye for now. Instead, keep it out of sight by storing it somewhere else.

How do you stay organized?

Now that the holidays are here, tell us your best tips and ideas for keeping the kitchen organized. Do you have custom cabinets to store more appliances? Or do you have tricks for making use of what you have now? You can use the comment section below to share your best advice and help other readers.

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