The Biggest Mistake Storage Renters Make

Whether you’re a first-time storage renter or someone who’s rented a unit before, there’s a big mistake you need to be aware of.

It’s not wrapping mattresses in plastic or stuffing a unit wall to wall or even leaving boxes unmarked. Rather, it’s the misconception that your possessions will require the same amount of space they’re in now.

What’s the problem with this misunderstanding? You may rent a unit that’s larger than what you need.

Understanding cubic space

Since this concept can be difficult to understand, here’s an example:

Let’s assume you’re storing items from the living room. Since everything fits nicely into the room, you may assume you need as much space as the living room provides—but you don’t. That’s because your items are spread out across the floor. They’re taking up “square feet” instead of “cubic feet.”

In a storage unit, you still use square feet, but the difference is you can also use cubic feet (the volume of the unit from floor to the ceiling). You can take advantage of cubic feet by stacking furniture or packed boxes, which enables you to fit more items into a smaller space.

Tools to estimate storage space

If imagining your possessions packed in boxes and stacked to the ceiling is difficult for you, you are not alone. Use these tools to correctly estimate the storage unit size you may need.

  1. Create an inventory
    The first thing you should do before choosing a unit size is to create an inventory of the possessions you plan to store. Then, you can use the list with the next tool to estimate your storage unit size.

  2. Storage estimator
    Use our helpful storage estimator tool to enter the items from your inventory list. It will give you an idea of the storage unit size you may need.
    Storage Space Estimator Tool
  3. Ask an expert
    A Desert Storage representative can help you understand how all of your items will fit into a cubic space. Bring your inventory list to any location for an accurate storage size estimate.

Taller ceilings mean better value

Now that you understand the difference between square feet and cubic feet, you’ve probably realized that taller ceilings will offer more space to store and stack.

At Desert Storage, most of our units have 10-12 foot ceilings (compared to our competitors’ average 8 foot ceilings), so you get more bang for your buck when it comes to stacking.

When you’re ready to move your items into storage, make sure you understand how to correctly pack boxes. Keep heavy items toward the bottom, lighter items on top and pack it so it’s completely full. A well-packed box can mean the difference between a stable stack and a heap of crushed possessions.

Take advantage of cubic space

If you’re interested in storing possessions and ready to take advantage of cubic space, use our contact page to speak to a storage expert. We’ll be happy to help you find the right size unit, so you never spend more than you need.